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    Communication, or Lack Thereof…

    I text a lot.

    Take a look at that sentence. If someone said that 20 years ago, they would send him or her back to the third grade. But in all honesty, Texting has become a huge part of the teenage lifestyle. Some would say it increases communication, and I agree. On a global level it certainly does. But when you think about communication with people you see every day, I think it doesn’t.


    When you talk to someone, 55% of what they understand from your conversation comes from your facial expressions. 38% comes from your tone. That leaves 7% of what is taken away from your conversation to be the words you speak.

    Let me give you another statistic. When you have a conversation with someone, only 20% of the words you say are remembered. But 90% of your tone and body language are remembered.

    Now lets look at texting. I am going to say that 90% of what is understood from a text is the text itself, the other 10% can be inferred based on how quickly the other person responds to you, the time it takes from when you send a text to when you receive the next text.  And yet humans only remember about 15% of what they read. But that’s not all. When you get a text, you have no idea what the other person’s body language or tone would have told you had that person been right in front of you when they said it. And, had that person actually been in front of you, you would have gotten almost 15 times as much information. And you would have remembered about 6 times as much information

    So whats the point of this post? Well, what I have realized is that, when given the chance, skip the text. get that other 93% of information, and don’t be forced to guess as to what the other person’s tone or body language would have been.

    Technology is great, but it can’t beat a connection with a real person.

  • Scratchy Eczema or skin tags? Use These Strategies For Reduction!

    Continue reading for more information here mainly about how to get rid of skin tags.

    While searching for eczema methods to handle dryness and the itching, it’s extremely important to utilize a great lotion and cream. These are far more efficient compared to creams available. The skin might actually alleviate . Ensure that anything you use is fragrance and booze free. Try atleast twice each day to moisturize.

    Eczema certainly will truly cause you to feel unpleasant and is very unpleasant, sometimes lots of distress. Damaging result in contamination and may also cause severe harm your skin. Moisturize the skin as frequently as you can and utilize cool shrink which could reduce your signs.

    Avoid worked up around possible.Stress can make eczema to flare-up. If you discover oneself in a demanding scenario, attempt to reduce a number of that for example meditation and exercise, through meditation. You may not be unable to reduce your eczema flare-up not really happen.

    Moisturize the skin as often while you could. When you are coping with something similar to eczema agents support a great deal. After you have a bathtub, the primary time for you to use lotion is right. You need to just use lotion with no other chemical ingredients. These chemicals may cause discomfort in your skin. Products and heavier creams are perfect.

    Keep fingernails clear and neat. A rash can be worsened by this, and having fingernails just produces more of the challenge. Be sure you clean underneath your fingernails often.

    A hot tub can provide a few of the scratch from eczema to you. Make certain the water is warm. You may also put in a small bleach into your bathtub to assist eliminate skin microorganisms.

    Atopic dermatitis is just a eczema that huge numbers of people suffer with. Harvard Medical Schoolis study shows that texts have assisted individuals which are 14 or older using their eczema. It confirmed less eczema endured after six months and will help sticking with cure. Nearly all individuals were in continuing to get texts for example these interested.

    Use agents when skin is damp.This assists one of the most humidity is retained by the skin during the day. Utilize your lotion once you do that period. This all will be achieved after-bath time inside the first 3 minutes.


    Eczema can be triggered by be aware of what-you’re wearing.The garments. Attempt to stay glued to cotton mixes and cotton blends. The skin cans worsen. It’s also wise to view the manner in which youare cleaning clothes. Don’t make use of fabric conditioner or a washing soap.

    A humidifier might help individuals with eczema. Vapor is place by these inside your atmosphere. This vapor retains the surroundings more damp. This can maintain the skin cozy no real matter what period or the current weather is. Ensure that you usually clear it to avoid every other problems.

    Today you need to know how eczema to be approached by best. The procedure is that soft, you merely have to place audio guidance into real exercise. Best of fortune for you moving forward.

  • How to get rid of traces of acne after

    Many people are uncomfortable because of the scars on his face, and ultimately it leads to a decrease in their own self-esteem. You can no longer worry about it! We will help you get rid of traces after acne, and at home. Perhaps some of these tips will be useful for you.

    But first, before you deal with scars from acne, talk a little about the problem, but rather on how to form these same tracks. When the body begins to cope with the inflammatory process itself, then in the pimple starts to grow rapidly granulation tissue. Thereby the wound is reduced, and in the area increases the amount of collagen and elastin fibers. The process of replacement of epidermal cells passes slowly.

    Types of scars
    Known types of acne scars:

    Atrophic – they resemble a small rectangular or oval hole. The color in her usually solid. This type is divided into rounded, rectangular cleaved and scars.
    Physiological – they are almost invisible on the skin and also heal quickly enough.
    Keloid – they cause itching and other pain, similar to hypertrophic. Formed on the surface of the face is rare.
    Hypertrophic – they have a convex shape, are thick pink education. It arises because of the huge amount of scar tissue.
    Now we will talk specifically about folk remedies for these scars.

    Despite the fact that there are a variety of ways and methods to remove and get rid of acne marks used in interiors, it is best to use home remedies.

    All the proposed methods are based on natural products that are used in everyday life. These products are simple, but their use is even easier.

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