March 24, 2014 - Maza Talk

David Mills, Director Oglala Sioux Tribe, Office of Economic Development on the status of MazaCoin

Oglala Sioux FlagMazacoin is a Bitcoin derivative and aspiring official currency of the sovereign Lakota Nation. MazaCoin vision is to create an economic foundation upon which the Lakota Nation can build lasting wealth and prosperity for their people.

January 24th, 2013 the MazaCoin development team made public a Memorandum of Understanding between the Oglala Lakota Nation & the MazaCoin Development Team. Shortly after an article in the Wall Street Journal falsely identified MazaCoin as the official currency of the Oglala Lakota Nation spurring debate and criticism about the validity of MazaCoin.

Today, Reddit user /u/tinus42 posted this update from David Mills, Director Oglala Sioux Tribe, Office of Economic Development on the status of MazaCoin:

Sorry for the delay I have been on travel, the MOA signed by this office is for support of more research into the bit-coin and how this will impact the Tribe after this is done Mr. Harris is to return to this office more documentation to the benefits that will positively affect the Tribe as a whole and from their [sic] if we are satisfied with the outcome we will develop a resolution to the Tribal E&BD Committee in support of this venture to be forwarded on the Tribal Council for final approval.


David T. Mills, Director Oglala Sioux Tribe Office of Economic Development

The tribal government is performing it’s due diligence, like many other countries evaluating regulation concerns for Bitcoin, and the tribe remains open to adopting MazaCoin initiatives. While change takes time this is positive news and we encourage the MazaCoin community to continue to reach out to your government representatives in support of MazaCoin.



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  • Hi I’m Nathan Hill aka Idea ATM 23, CEO of Celebrity Green Room. I am 100% on your side, no person should ever be deceived or tricked by another person, Gov. or company. My research into bit coin has not led me to believe it will ever be able to help us, starting with the fact that it was invented by the N.S.A. (<, ( please see here: ) , and based on the latest $473,000,000 fiasco with Mt. Gox (which I warned them not to do but they didn't listen) bit coin just seems like a train wreck waiting to happen: . I would never want that to happen to anybody, least of all any Native American!!! I would love to prepose a safe alternative for all the Oglala Sioux Tribe Members Officially!! Will email this to as many members as possible. Thanx for reading.

  • Payu Harris says:

    Nathan Your Logic seems a bit flawed…Bitcoin was NT created by the NSA….also seeing as Mazacoin was approved by our He Sapa Treaty Chiefs I would say that qualifies it as our tribes National Currency…the incident with MT Gox had nothing to do with Bitcoin as a protocol…Mt Gox is simply a Bitcoin trading exchange that may have been poorly managed…Banks go under all the time yet everyone still uses the US Dollar…same concept applies here…Mazacoin is still as solid as ever and growing with plans for Mazacoin ATM’s, Gaming Interests, Multi Sig wallets and more supporters coming on board every day…Im from Porcupine District on the Rez so I know what Im talking about when I talk about the reservation…The Article in the Native Sun questioning Mazacoins Viability started with Brandon Ecoffy who did absolutely NO research into Mazacoin and was a simple trash job by a biased rag against anything that would actually help our people…I would encourage everyone to take the time and look into the reality of mazacoin and what it could mean for our peoples future before they blindly accept someones idea of info is a article they half skimmed through and suddenly think they’re a expert on the subject….or email me and I’ll be happy to answer questions and help in any way I can

    -Payu Harris-
    Mazacoin Founder

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